No to noncompete clauses

I never sign contracts that contain noncompete clauses.

A noncompete contract prevents employees or consultants from working for a competitor to their employer or client for a period, often as long as two years, after the employment or contract ends.  No compensation for this restriction is ever offered.  A list of specific competitors is not defined, so it is impossible to tell how wide or narrow the restriction might be until the lawyers start calling.

I was once offered a one month contract, if I signed a two year noncompete contract.  The company was a startup that had not been in existence for a year.  They would not budge on this, so I turned down the work.

This issue is currently being actively discussed in the US state of Massachusetts.  This article Some common sense on noncompete clauses – by  Scott Kirsner explains why noncompetes are being considered harmful both to employees and to community productivity and prosperity. ( A follow-up article by the same writer, is extended and with a rich collection of links to other resources )

Ten years ago Joel Spolsky wrote this column on noncompetes and other evils that often hide in Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs).   Some things change slowly in this business.

It is not very often that I am asked to sign a noncompete, but it can be awkward.  The early stages of contract negotiation are delicate.  I am hoping that posting this now, while there are no negotiations underway, will make things more straightforward.  My objection is not to your noncompete clause, but to everyone’s!

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One Response to No to noncompete clauses

  1. Juliet says:

    Your position is sensible and reasonable. I wonder how many people don’t notice non-compete clauses in a contract until it is too late. Fortunately it appears that such clauses are not often enforced.

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