A bus trip planner application for windows desktops coded in C++11, capable of finding the optimal trip between two locations through the Nottingham City bus network in less than 2 milliseconds.


  1. User inputs an unlimited number of bus timetables.
  2. User inputs walking times between bus stations.
  3. User request timetable and walking times to be read from input files, OR from database constructed from input files entered on previous run of application.
  4. User inputs real time deviations from timetables, indicating current route departures which are running early, late or have been cancelled.
  5. User inputs trip specification:  start time, start location, destination location.
  6. User chooses interactive mode.  In the default batch mode, program reads timetables and calculates one trip.  In interactive mode the timetables are read once and the user can enter multiple trip planning requests.
  7. Application calculates shortest trip from start to destination, including necessary transfers between routes and walks between stations, taking into account any real time deviations using the Dijkstra shortest path algorithm.
  8. Display shows total trip time.
  9. Display shows wait at start station
  10. Display shows each station stop on trip
    1. Time.
    2. Route number
    3. Station location
  1. Display shows, when necessary to transfer to another route
    1. Wait time
  1. Display shows, when necessary to walk between stations
    1. Walk time.
    2. Wait time.

Download complete documentation

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