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In the 1980s this Canso flying boat was photographed over the Gatineau Hills searching for ore deposits using a new electromagnetic system called SWEEPEM.  Built in the 1940s to hunt submarines under the North Atlantic, the aircraft’s ability to flow … Continue reading

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A showcase for some recent work on real time signal processing There are five applications comprising the heart of the software in this system:  Mixer which does the signal processing  GUI which helps the user to edit the 100 … Continue reading

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Nana is a cross-platform library for GUI programming in modern C++ style. v1.5.5 was released this week and includes a small contribution from me that allows application code to set the default width of text entry fields.

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Hour of Code

Two little kids with big grins came to fetch me.  Roy and Kasha looked as delighted as I felt to be rescued from the grey busyness going on among the grey adults in the school admin office. Up the stairs … Continue reading

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A bus trip planner application for windows desktops coded in C++11, capable of finding the optimal trip between two locations through the Nottingham City bus network in less than 2 milliseconds. Features User inputs an unlimited number of bus timetables. … Continue reading

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VASE – a process simulator

Vase is an extensible process simulator that can handle both individual and continuous tasks. Examples of individual tasks are customers at a bank, cars on an assembly line, or documents in an office. Examples of continuous tasks are oil in … Continue reading

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Conveyor Belt Pulley Design

Raven’s Point contributed to the development of a calculation engine to perform Finite Element Analysis ( FEA ) of conveyor belt pulley designs.  The FEA code was optimized and parallelized so that it ran in a few seconds, numerous consistency and … Continue reading

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