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Talking to People and Robots

In these days of COVID19 and AI, when face to face communication is avoided and Alexa lurks in the corner of every room, people are beginning to sound like robots and robots sound ever more like humans.  Still, sometimes a … Continue reading

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Bin Packing

For many years I have maintained open source code to optimize the arrangement of small items in larger bins in two and three dimensions. My interest in this problem has been maintained by requests from several clients to provide front … Continue reading

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A little intelligence, artificially.

KMeans is a windows console application to find clusters in data with any number of columns ( attributes ) using the KMeans algorithm ( ) Usage: KMeans <data dimension> <data file path> <number of clusters> The iris data set ( … Continue reading

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Talking to satellites

Starting work on SpaceCom  to enable error free communication between satellites and the ground using the  NASA TC SPACE DATA LINK PROTOCOL CCSDS 232.1-B-2

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New Mexico Senate Webcaster

Every session of the New Mexico state senate since 2009 has been webcast using a computer application designed and coded by SpeakerToRobots. The chair recognizes one of the senators. When the senator begins to speak, one of three cameras has … Continue reading

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In the 1980s this Canso flying boat was photographed over the Gatineau Hills searching for ore deposits using a new electromagnetic system called SWEEPEM.  Built in the 1940s to hunt submarines under the North Atlantic, the aircraft’s ability to flow … Continue reading

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A showcase for some recent work on real time signal processing There are five applications comprising the heart of the software in this system:  Mixer which does the signal processing  GUI which helps the user to edit the 100 … Continue reading

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