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cRunWatch GUI report

Added code timing profiler report in a string, so GUI applications can be profiled.  cRunwatch Advertisements

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Stackoverflow Reputation Milestone

Today I reached 10,000 reputation points on stackoverflow.

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RunWatch Daisy Chain Feature

Added Daisy Chain feature to cRunWatch code profiler.

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GRAPHEX : The Raven’s Point Graph Explorer.

A GUI for the boost graph library. – Add named vertices. – Specify pinned, fixed location for vertices – Add edges connecting vertices – Arrange vertices in a circle – Arrange vertices according to their connections.  This uses a modified … Continue reading

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An open source MODBUS Master/Slave simulator Features 1. A windows desktop application 2. Coded in C++ using .NET 3. Option to simulate a master or a slave. 4. Option to use ASCII or RTU mode 5. Able to configure serial … Continue reading

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Real Time graphing Techniques for displaying real time graphs of data that update at 100Hz.

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Speaker to Robots

Raven’s Point builds applications that speak to robots. Larry Niven’s science fiction stories feature a character named Chmee who is the alien ambassador to Earth.  His title, when translated into English, is Speaker-To-Animals. The formal term for this is SCADA , … Continue reading

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