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Several times a year I need to find a path through a graph. The graphs might be representations of the layout of streets, the distances between cities, the connections between nodes, or they might be models of abstract relationships such … Continue reading

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Ferrero Rocher Trees & Computational Geometry

This little hazelnut tree is growing in a farm in Northern Italy. When mature, it will produce lots of these But meantime it needs lots of tender loving care. The care will be provided by a robot tractor driving carefully … Continue reading

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Bin Packing

For many years I have maintained open source code to optimize the arrangement of small items in larger bins in two and three dimensions. My interest in this problem has been maintained by requests from several clients to provide front … Continue reading

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New Mexico Senate Webcaster

Every session of the New Mexico state senate since 2009 has been webcast using a computer application designed and coded by SpeakerToRobots. The chair recognizes one of the senators. When the senator begins to speak, one of three cameras has … Continue reading

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A showcase for some recent work on real time signal processing There are five applications comprising the heart of the software in this system:  Mixer which does the signal processing  GUI which helps the user to edit the 100 … Continue reading

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GRAPHEX : The Raven’s Point Graph Explorer.

A GUI for the boost graph library. – Add named vertices. – Specify pinned, fixed location for vertices – Add edges connecting vertices – Arrange vertices in a circle – Arrange vertices according to their connections.  This uses a modified … Continue reading

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An open source MODBUS Master/Slave simulator Features 1. A windows desktop application 2. Coded in C++ using .NET 3. Option to simulate a master or a slave. 4. Option to use ASCII or RTU mode 5. Able to configure serial … Continue reading

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Speaker to Robots

Raven’s Point builds applications that speak to robots. Larry Niven’s science fiction stories feature a character named Chmee who is the alien ambassador to Earth.  His title, when translated into English, is Speaker-To-Animals. The formal term for this is SCADA , … Continue reading

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Pipeline Pig

A small device squeezes through a hundred kilometers of oil pipeline that twists and turns beneath the sea. When the ‘pig’ returns it has recorded data about every centimeter, which Raven’s Point software will analyze and display in three dimensions. … Continue reading

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Optometric Device Integrator

Optometrists (also known as ophthalmic opticians) are licensed medical professionals who prescribe and fit lenses to improve vision. They use several different devices to measure the patient’s eyes ( an Autorefractor Keratometer AR ), the lenses ( a lensmeter  LM ) and … Continue reading

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