Optometric Device Integrator

Optometrists (also known as ophthalmic opticians) are licensed medical professionals who prescribe and fit lenses to improve vision.

They use several different devices to measure the patient’s eyes ( an Autorefractor Keratometer AR ), the lenses ( a lensmeter  LM ) and the improvement a lens gives to the patient’s vision ( a refractor  RT ).

The data gathered about each patient from the first two devices are used to create an initial setting for the third.

Raven’s Point has developed a software system for INNOVA Medical Ophthalmics which gathers data from optometric measurement devices, stores the data for each patient from every source together in a database and downloads the data to the refractor when required.

RTLink is a client-server system. The clients, each communicating with one optometric device over a serial link, are linked by WiLAN to the database server which looks after all the data for the optometrist’s office in a SQLite database.

RTLink can communicate with seven different optometric devices from three different manufacturers and export data to an Electronic Medical Record ( EMR ) system.

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